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OMR Festival 2024

General Information

All information about what OMR and the festival are about

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Ticket conditions

All information on what is included in the ticket and more

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Ticket process

All information about ordering, personalizing or completing your ticket and more

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Ticket invoice

All information regarding payment of your ticket or tickets and more

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All information about your journey to the festival, your stay and more

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All information about accrediting your ticket and accessing the festival site

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All information about what will be happening, who will be there and more

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Festival site

All information about the festival area, the festival map and more

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Cashless Payment

All information about the post payment process and the deposit system

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All information about what masterclasses are and how you can participate

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Guided Tours

All information about what guided tours are and how you can participate

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Side Events

All information about what side events are and how you can participate

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All information about participating as press and media

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All information on who will be there and where you can find a certain exhibitor

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All information on our sustainability efforts and systems

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FFWD Ticket

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General Information

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